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LM-512CA 前级放大器





















-输入阻抗:100kΩ(RCA输入阻抗)  平衡端口输入600Ω

-输出阻抗:600KΩ(RCA) 平衡输出600Ω


-整机体积(WxDxH):( 430 x 383 x196 )mm3


-工作条件:温度:0℃~40℃    湿度:20%~80%

-储存条件:温度:-20℃~70℃    湿度:20%~90%


Product features:

●With four high quality nickel sheet/POE film alloy high quality wide rang EI as input and

output of audio signal input/output transformer coupling

●Using specially designed for the native EI type double power supply transformer

 (independent) around a track

●Use 6KZ8 as voltage amplifier output stage in 6922 as drive pipe, the RCA 22DE4 as

high voltage rectifier rectifier bravery

●Left and right channels completely independent design, and strive to two channel tone

●At the cost of using Multicap audio capacitor, the IRC resistance, axial capacitor, philips

BC panasonic relay, gold-plated CMC electric woodwind, high-quality RCA terminal,

balance the socket

●Function of infrared remote control can make audio input selection, volume and mute

remote control operation

●Successfully to the intuitive having a unique style into the volume dial design like that

design idea of the atmosphere

●Boot mute delay function (about 30 seconds)

●Selects the Japan ALPS high-grade motor potentiometer

●Convenient installation drawing plug-in valve cap 


-The whole machine gain: 20 db

-S/N Ratio: 90 db

-RCA frequency response: 17 hz ~ 100 KHZ (3 db)

-balance (after the output transformer) frequency response: 15 Hz~30 kHz(3db)

-THD: 0.5% (1 KHZ)

-mVRCA input sensitivity 250 (output terminal 2v)

Balance (after the output transformer) input sensitivity: 500 mv (output terminal 2 v)

-Jnput impedance: 100 k Ω (RCA) the input impedance balance 600Ω input port

-Output impedance: 600kΩ  balance output 600Ω (RCA)

-Tube Complement: 6KZ8 (thor) 6922 (universal) 22DE4 (RCA)

-Dimension (WxDxH) : (430 x 383 x196) mm3

-Power Consumption: 45 w

-working conditions: temperature 0℃~40℃ Moisture: 20% ~ 80%

-storage conditions: temperature: - 20℃~70℃ Moisture: 20% ~ 90%