One of the most essential factors is an intrinsic value----the spirit of craftsman.

To be the largest R&D&P base of Hi-Fi in the world;

Love music, Love life. Undoubtedly, music is becoming increasingly important in our daily life. As same as every music lover, I think what we are chasing is not only a simple sound, but the desire and enjoyment of a form of art. In brief, we like that natural voice. Thus LM (Line Magnetic Audio Co., Ltd.) was established in Zhuhai where it has great potentials in economy and geography, aiming at an authentic, soft, sweet, transparent, graceful and full voice. However, what on earth did make LM determine to work on audio products without any hesitation when convenience turned into a social tendency? One of the most essential factors is an intrinsic value----the spirit of craftsman.  As the old saying goes: “A jade without chiseling will not becoming a useful object, a man without learning will not know the way.” On one hand, LM concentrates on the researching and manufacturing of the vacuum tube power amplifiers. On the other hand, we continue acquiring advanced technology, create new series of amplifiers like LM-500IA, LM-219IA etc. and regenerate tube 211. Now we also make CD players, DACs, Transformers. Besides, LM has been awarded China Good Design Award ( CGD) from Red Dot and Outstanding Popularity Award from Super AV…, and has taken electronic exhibitions at home and abroad. We always believe that all of those above are just a little start. LM will keep ahead and develop very well.

Line Magnetic Audio · Motto

inheriting and developing classics; no boundary or obstruction of music; thinking twice before taking action; putting the quality of products and satisfaction of customers first;

Line Magnetic Audio · Honor

In pursuit of perfection; firm and indomitable